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Marinade Injector Reviews

marinade injector reviews

Reviewed by: Eddie Vandam We found out doing our marinade injector reviews that some people call it meat injectors and others talk about marinade injectors, but they are basically the same product, although some people say that they have a…

Patio Grill Table

patio grill table

An OUTDOOR GRILL PREP TABLE Is One Of The Most Important Accessories For Prepping Food For The Grill And BBQ. We Reviewed The Best BBQ Tables For You.

Grill Light Reviews

grill lights

In the BBQ GRILL LIGHT REVIEWS I had a look at the best LED GRILL LIGHTS that will have the top WATERPROOF grill lights to help you GRILL AFTER DARK.

Amazen Smoke Tube Reviews

amaz'n tube smoker

Since all Amazen smoke tubes work by the same principal and the only difference is the length of the tube we will review one of them an that is the most popular 12 inch. There are also available in 6…

Char Broil Electric Rotisserie

char broil electric grill rotisserie review

Rating: 4.1 Reviewed by Eddie The Char Broil premium electric grill rotisserie review shows it will fit most 3 and 4 burner grills with no problem. It can carry a weight of 20 pounds and the meat forks that are…

Best Cooking Knifes

best paring boning an meatslcing knives

The result of your grilling or smoking is as good as your preparations. Using a high quality cooking knife is one of the things that can improve our cooking in and outside. Nothing is more annoying to me when I…

Premiala Meat Injector Review

Pemiala 2Oz meat injector kit

Rating: 4.9 Reviewed by Eddie You might as well call the Premiala meat injector a commercial grade injector. I had never heard of this brand and found it by accident and when I started reading about it I found out…