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EasyFlip For The Grill

The EasyFlip is not just a gadget but a product you can really use and make your life as a backyard griller easier. Nice present for yourself or a friend.

Grill Tools With Lights

Grill utensils and tools with a built-in flashlight can be grilling after dark make a lot easier. I had a look at some of the better rated ones for you.

Weber 22 Inch Grill Accessories

I love to grill and use my BBQ and smoker but throughout the years I have gained some accessories that really came in handy and some where I plain wasted money on. The Weber 22 inch charcoal grills I reviewed…

Traeger Insulation Cover

Answering the question if you can use your Traeger in the winter I can answer with Yes, But it will work better with a Traeger insulation cover. I did and still do a lot reading about pellet grills and trying…

Weber Grill Lights

I did some other grill light reviews on this page but found that some people look specific for Weber grill lights. That was reason enough for me to have a look at some of them an find out what people…

Fireproof Mat For Deck

fireproof mat for deck

Grilling on your deck comes with a risk of having fat dripping or even burn marks on you nicely stained boards. The simple solution is to use a fireproof mat for your deck and place it under your grill to…

Pizza Stone For The Grill

pizza stone for grill

A pizza stone for the grill is something more and more people search for. This is a nice addition to their gill and cooked pizza on the grill taste so much better than from the oven. When I saw this…